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Class Options

Select the pace that works best for you!

Students can meet between one and three times a week.
Classes are conducted online through Zoom

Grades Available: 4th - College

My one-on-one tutoring sessions are tailored to each individual student. Depending on the student's goals, classes can focus on:


• Receiving assistance with current schoolwork

• Reviewing and practicing specific skills or subjects in order to build confidence and advance in those areas

• Learning new concepts and strategies

English and History

Grades Available: High School

Test courses consist of practice tests, supplementary materials, and targeted lessons that enhance student's skills in weak areas. I currently teach the following exams:


ACT Courses

• ACT Writing (Essay)

• ACT English

• ACT Reading


SAT Courses

• SAT Reading

• SAT Writing and Language

AP Courses

• AP English Language & Composition

• AP English Literature & Composition

• AP United States History

• AP United States Government & Politics

• AP World History: Modern

Test Preparation

I have significant experience helping students of all levels who want ESL/ELD assistance. Options:


• Any of the English or Test courses can be tailored to ESL/ELD students.


• I offer ESL/ELD classes for adults who want to improve their communication and comprehension skills, either generally or in a specific area.


• I am happy to help Legal Permanent Residents (green card holders) practice their English for the citizenship test. I am familiar with the N-400 and the interview.

Professionals seeking to improve their communication skills or English language proficiency will receive classes that are structured around pre-stated learning goals to ensure that real progress is made. These goals will be discussed during the free first session.

For ESL learners, classes can cover needed vocabulary, colloquialisms, pronunciation exercises, and cultural information as desired.

For native English speakers, classes can cover email composition, interview preparation, and other communication strategies depending on the client's goals.

            ...or a combination of these.


During the free consultation and testing, we will work together to clarify the learning objectives for the class. Each lesson will be tailored to work towards these goals.

English for Professionals
English Language Development
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